Current Coaches

Robert Swain,  918-724-4782 

Teams:   Academy: SUtd '08, SUtd '07.

              Competitive: SUtd '01 Swain

Licenses:   State E License, National Youth "Y" License, OSA Goalkeeper Course

Playing/coaching History:   Graduate of Union High School '89 and 3-Year Letterman for varsity soccer team; played classic, premiere and club soccer in Tulsa area;  received scholarship to play college soccer at Central Methodist College Division I NAIA in Fayette, Missouri.   Been coaching recreational, academy, and competitive soccer now for 10 years.​​

Brett Kolman, 918-346-3616 

Teams: SUtd '05 Kohlman

Licenses:  State E License, National D License

Playing/coaching History:   4 year Letterman at Division III Amherst College and has been coaching recreational, academy, and competitive soccer for 15 years.


Bart Hill, 918-694-7649

Teams:  SUtd '04 Hill

Licenses: State E License

Playing/coaching History:

Micky Eklund, 918-519-4881

Teams:  SUtd '03 Eklund girls, SUtd '07 boys, SUtd '06 boys

Licenses:  Youth Module 1 & 2, USSF National F License, USSF National E License, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Heat Acclimatization and Concusssion Training (Owasso High School 2014/2015)

Playing/coaching History:   Micky started playing recreational soccer at age 6 and moved to competitive soccer at 11 where he continued through high school.  Micky was a 4 year starter for Owasso High School earning a scholarship to Northern Oklahoma College.   Micky has been coaching recreational and academy soccer for 7 years with Owasso Soccer Club, Oklahoma Development League, Owasso High School, Collinsville Soccer Club, and Tulsa Sheffield United 

Graeme Percy, 916-717-7517

Teams: SUtd '04 Percy, SUtd '05 Percy, SUtd '06 Percy, SUtd '07 Percy

Licenses:   State E License, State D License

Playing/coaching History:

​Vic Hughes, 918-627-2900 or 918-704-2150

Teams: SUtd '97


Playing/coaching History:  Vic was born in Liverpool, England and moved to Tulsa, OK in 1978.   he begun coaching his daughter's team in 1979 and has continued coaching ever since.   Vic is well known and highly respected as an individual and coach, not just in Oklahoma but also nationally.   He began coaching with Sheffield United when he co-founded it with Alan Woodward in 1984.  Since then he has won eight (8) State Championships, was a Regional Finalist, and his teams have won over 50 league and 50 tournament championships.   From 1981 until 1987 he coached both boys' and girls' teams, and in 1985 he took both of his teams to England to play in an international tournament.

Vic was an Oklahoma Olympice Development (ODP) coach from 1984-1992 and coached the first U14 girls Oklahoma ODP team at the Cocoa Expo in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1987.   Cocoa Expo was the Region III player training and development camp headquarters for the twelve Southern States.

In 1991, Vic was named "Oklahoma Girls" Coach of the Year by OSA and attended the National Workshop in Pittsburg, PA.

Donnie Smith, 918-284-5414

Teams: SUtd '97, SUtd '03


​Playing/coaching History: